Embarrasingly admitting, I got scammed!

December 15, 2009 12 comments

Have you previous dealt with ChinaEcarts.com? I did! And I’m so embarrass to say, I got scammed!  I didn’t listen to my gut feeling and trusted them.

I did my research, and didn’t see anything against them and the decision maker was this website http://top50chinadropshippers.com/comparison/#chinaecarts posted them as part of the top 50 china dropshippers?! Oh! Come on!!  I could use ChinaEcarts.com as TOP 50 SCAMMERS, maybe.  Now, I wonder if any of the list of the above link provided is legit.

Anyway, here’s my story:
December 3rd, I started dealing with Chinaecarts.com, the person I was dealing with is named Rose Kang, we don’t know if that’s her real name now.  I was very interested with their products as I’m starting my new online shop. I asked questions about their process and their wholesale rate. They sounded very legit and trustworthy, or maybe I was just blinded by their low prices (which they already updated as we speak) so I chose them as my supplier.
December 5th, 2009, I went ahead and I made my trial order to make sure they are legit. It was just a small order amounting to $61.00, I said it wont make a damage if I loose a small amount.  It arrived on December 8th,  2009. Yippee! I got so excited as I thought I got an honest supplier,  everything I expected came.  I haven’t tested them yet though as they are gifts for mychildren and I’m waiting for Christmas  for them to be opened  and crossing my fingers, I hope they will not disappoint my children.   My very first Christmas to sweat if my gift will work or not.

My second order consisted of 4 items, my order was dated December 8th, after I received my trial order, It’s worth $529.92. I ordered 3 Wii accessories; additional gifts for my children and an iPhone 3GS 16GB for me, that package was received last December 11th.  All items was received but the iPhone 3GS that they claimed to be original was a COUNTERFEIT!  All the excitement I had just went “swoosh!” gone!

I immediately send an email to Rose Kang and told her that they delivered a fake iPhone, she replied back and said it will be replaced and said their packer maybe made a mistake.  She gave me another hope.

I continue to get intouch with them to follow up of the “replacement”,  tried to get ahold of them through normal channels, email, phone and chat… but I’m now unlucky to get any response.

I’ve posted a comment on their website and they are just deleting it, so I know they are getting my messages.

This is is my inspiration to start this blog and hopefully to warn others.  If you have dealt with ChinaEcarts.com, give us your story.  If you got scammed by other companies post them in my other blog http://stopscammers.wordpress.com/

I will be posting our conversations and transactions on my next articles. Viewers, feel free to point out the redflag I didn’t notice and hopefully others will learn from my mistakes.

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